Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part EIGHTEEN

Cacophonous: Marked by or producing a harsh combination of sounds

Hagiographic: Overly or insincerely flattering

Illiberality: Stubborn or intolerant adherence to one's opinions or prejudices

Caterwauling: Engaging in or marked by loud and insistent cries especially of protest

Kilderkin: An enclosed wooden vessel for holding beverages

Eccentricity: An odd or peculiar habit

Nawab: One of high position or importance within a group


Hollo: To speak so as to be heard at a distance

Objurgation: An often public or formal expression of disapproval

Uproarious: Causing or intended to cause laughter

Salmagundi: An unorganized collection or mixture of various things

Edacious: Having a huge appetite


Perambulator: A person who travels by foot for exercise or pleasure

Unslakable: Incapable of being satisfied

Recalcitrant: Given to resisting authority or another’s control

Puissant: Having great power or influence

Lissome: Moving easily

Egotistic: Having too high an opinion of oneself


You may be asking yourselves what all this has to do with Chicken House Purple.

The answer is simple.

Although we lack originality in writing lyrics, show no imagination for melodies, and lack any musical talent what-so-ever,

we can at least define the Blankety - Blank out of words!!



Any Other Woman

Chicken House Purple

Recorded at Cityview Recording Studio

Produced by Kevin McCarthy