Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part ELEVEN

The Chicken House Purple song “VICTOR” has had more than its fair share of controversies. The SONG has been removed from several sites, repeatedly due to being inappropriate. We will not even get into the hassle we received from VIDEO websites for trying to post a simple music video except to say that they just kept repeating that people have MORALS.

However, we did find that if you put a picture of something harmless on the cover, let’s say a CARTOON PICTURE, or something similarly inoffensive that you can skate on by unnoticed!!

“VICTOR” was recorded at MUSI-TECH Studio in Redmond, OR, and was produced by Matt Engle.

While many talented people were involved in the project, one person did stand out.

Some of you who have heard of the Country band “Asleep At The Wheel” will know the name, Chris Booher. He was member of that band and has had great success on his own and with his family.

Chris comes from a multi- talented family and he plays many instruments.Most will argue that his Fiddle playing is where he really excels.When Matt told us, that Chris would be over for another recording session on the same date, we had him ask Chris if he could come play at our session, which he agreed to do.

Just think.

Chicken House Purple had a multi-talented, world class musician, known for his skill as a FIDDLE Player sitting in on our session.


Don’t judge us! 😊

While everyone sat around looking at the lyric/chord sheets, we could tell that the people were impressed with the quality of the material before them. We feel that Chris Booher best expressed the sentiments of everyone in the room with his question, “Who wrote this C*@p”?

The session began, and everyone performed outstandingly.

When it was over, and the last note rang out from the piano, Matt turned off the lights and closed up shop for the evening.


‘Twas while watching Chris pull away in his car that night,

from the studio lot to the Red traffic light,

we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,

“I feel like I need a shower after playing that piano part.”


As a gift to all of you (and as a form of punishment for others)

The song is free to download until Jan 1st 2019

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!