Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part Fifteen

The following has been declassified but vital information has been redacted to protect the innocent.

While looking around for a studio for our friend Damon Bradshaw to record a song for the First time we found Cityview Recording Studio in Salem.

The owner Cityview is Kevin McCarthy, and we highly recommend him for your recording needs. He is skilled, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

That may sound like a commercial for Cityview Recording Studio, but it is not.

By the way, be sure to try new AJAX for those tough household cleaning needs!!

The song is called Looking Down on Me, and it briefly became our bestselling song.

To date, no complete video exists for Looking Down on Me due to Joes objection of performing with naked dancing squirrels and shadow puppets!

singer stated that ALL offensive material should be removed from the video of

Looking Down on Me, so we removed ourselves!!

The video below of Looking Down on Me has been heavily redacted, and is still not deemed suitable for the viewing public.