Chicken House Purple

CountDown Part FIVE

We were in the bar of the Nashville Hilton arguing the Euro Dollar with Two business men, and decades later it turns out we were right.

People travel for a variety of reasons. Some travel to relax, go sight-seeing, or to visit family, and friends. Our cross-country jaunt was to conduct business.


This trip was to Nashville to conduct business after being invited by the producers of [You Can Be A Star] because they wanted to meet in person who they had already heard on tape.

Cassette tape to be exact. Some of you may not be familiar with that music medium. The Cassette tape came out after the 8-Track tape, but before CDs, and MP3s. Before the 8-track tape there were Vinyl Records. They came in 33, 45, and 78 rpms. So, the order in which the music loving consumers would get their music would be: Vinyl Records- 8-track tape-Cassette Tape- CDs- MP3s.

OH, THAT’S JUST GREAT! We forgot to include the Reel-Reel Tape! It’s just way too late to go back and fix this error now. We offer up our humble apologies.

Now onward with the tale.

With the appointment scheduled, and travel arrangements made, we set forth to the airport with plane tickets bought, travel bags in hand, and one MOTHER! 1,969 miles, and TWO crushed hands later we arrived in Tennessee. That MOTHER had a GRIP while flying!

We took a taxi to the Hilton from the airport, and checked into the Hilton. Tired after the flight, and not wanting to venture to far, we ordered pizza, which we ate in the room while watching TV, and enjoying the view of the Highway from the window. Before calling it a night, we ventured down to the Lounge where we met our Bartender for the next several nights, Robin.

The next morning after checking out a vehicle, and placing MOTHER behind the wheel, we set forth to locate the address for our scheduled meeting with the [You Can Be A Star] producers which was scheduled for the next day.

We were well under way for a good Three Minutes, and had merged successfully into the multi-lane Highway, before the PANIC ATTACK set in. It seems wall to wall traffic was not the MOTHERS cup of tea. After everyone switched seats, we went merrily on our way.

We eventually found the address we were looking for, and was set for the next days meeting. Fully prepared, and having time to kill, we had to find something to do to pass the time.

Now in what order the following occurred we do not remember. We just know that it did happen.

We went to Opryland. While there, we went to a taping of the show Hee Haw. Recording at that time was Roy Clark and Reba McEntire. We had balcony sits which had a good view of the stage. However, the MOTHER with a keen sense of vision, spotted open seating at the tables near the stage, and off she went. She got her table seating as well as having pictures taken with Two country music legends. She also had pictures taken with Roy and Reba.:) We toured the Opryland Hotel, and the rides at the amusement park were worth riding several times.

We had our scheduled meeting with the [You Can Be A Star] producers. We arrived. We waited. They arrived. We talked. We left.

While we sat at the bar having a few drinks, arguing with some Europeans about the future of their currency, (See Intro), the MOTHER may have had a few drinks of her own. We mean it LOOKED like she may have had One or Two. What would you think? She was kicked back on the chair, feet up on the table, (shoes off of course) telling the poor Piano player that her son was a better singer than he was. The MOTHER was escorted back to her room.

As I mentioned a bit ago, our Bartender was a lady named Robin. She was very polite, and friendly. During our conversations she mentioned that her husband was a song writer, and that a song of his titled Gonna Take A Lot of River was going to be recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys. We cannot confirm or deny this since we never found out her last name.

We met Verlon Thomas, and Billy Dean while they were playing at a KOA. Verlon co-wrote a song called The Blues in Black and White that was on the B side of a Randy Travis Album. Billy had several hits years later including the song Billy the Kid. They invited us for a BBQ (which we could not attend due to business responsibilities) however we did have a few liquid refreshments with them. Now, this may be just a coincidence, but that same day, we lost the song lyrics to our work-in-process song Willie the Squid. Like we said, most LIKELY just a coincidence.

So, in conclusion,

No. We do not know how we ended up at a KOA.

Yes. The trip to Nashville was a SUCCESS in the fact that the [You Can Be A Star] producers said they would be sending us details (Date, Time,) to return to be on the show.


The show [You Can Be A Star] was soon cancelled.


Before we forget,

this is Countdown Part Five, and the song is called Nashville Lady.