Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part FOUR

Time flies by. Seconds to Minutes. Minutes to Hours, etc. etc. etc.

Well, let’s get started, shall we?

The song for Countdown Part FOUR is titled


If you read Countdown Part Three, all you have do is replace the song title 

LINGER LONGER with the title A COUPLE OF JACKS, and call it good.

However, before calling it a day, let us have a brief recap, shall we?

Bayside Sound

Lap Steel

Steinberger Bass




You are probably thinking to yourself that there was no mention of

accommodations in Countdown Part Three. If so, you are correct! Well done!!

For having such an excellent memory, please award yourselves 10 points, or a pat

on the back. Maybe a cup of tea, flavored coffee, or a Hot Toddy would hit the

spot. How about indulging in some rich, sweet, decadent desert you have been

denying yourself, because it’s the Holidays.  Go on, you deserve it. JUST DO IT!! 

To help the starving artists save money, the studio owner told us they we could

stay at the studio. It turns out that Bayside Sound was not only a great recording

studio, but it also qualified as a 4-star Bed and Breakfast. Well, maybe a 2-star

Bed and Breakfast, since we just crashed on the studio floor, and had to feed


After a night or Two, the owner of Bayside Sound, possibly feeling sorry for us

starving artists, or more likely just being overwhelmed by the stench,

(Not of us mind you, but our music) invited us to crash at his home. 

We were provided nourishing meals, and a place to shower.

(Once again, not because of any odors emanating from us).

So, to quickly summarize, and provide closure:

Bayside Sound

Lap Steel

Steinberger Bass




ALWAYS, tell the wife that you are bringing guests home to sleep on your floor,

and be cooking them meals as well!!