Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part SEVEN


"We're Gonna Go Fishin" which was written by Tex Atchison, and recorded by Hank Locklin, reached number 14 on Billboard in 1962.

"Fishin" was the Second song of a Three song session at Wavelength Studio, owned and operated by Jason Carter.

Jason was the ultimate professional even while performing meticulous trouble-shooting to try to find the reason for that (SOUND) coming from one of the vocal booths when they were working fine before we arrived.

He maintained his composure even when the song being done was in the key of C, and one of the performers was CLEARLY trying to sing in the key of F#7 Dim.

Yes. That may have been the (SOUND) causing everyone much distress. 😊

Other than that....

The session went smoothly as Joe (always the ultimate professional) completed Two vocals in One hour, and he who shall not be named, completed One vocal in Two hours.

To date, this is the only cover song we have done.

Why did we choose this song to do a cover of?

That’s easy answer.

Because we are not worthy of doing a top 10 song!

Here is an oldie, but an oldie, CHP style.