Chicken House Purple

CountDown Part SIX

The song is titled That I was Back Then, and it is One song of a Three song session recorded at Wavelength Studio in Salem, Or.

This session marks our return to the studio for the first time in:

A couple Weeks?

Several Months?

Many Years?

A  Decade or Two?

Yes, that's the one!

The producers name is Jason Carter, and he owns and operates Wavelength, Studio. He was great to work with, and had many ideas that could be incorporated into our songs.

A good example of One of his brilliant insights is hardly noticeable, but made a world of difference in the song.

If you listen closely to the song, That I was Back Then, you will not even notice that it was originally written as an Amish Polka Folk Song.

See what we mean? A genius move. :)