Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part SIXTEEN

Looking Glass was cowritten by CHP along with Bill Primasing many, many moons ago. Bill is a longtime fan who has literally done a life sentence with us. Bill is one of our oldest, most trusted, and honest friends that we have. Something that those of us who are fortunate enough to call Bill friend know about him is he is a talented lyricist and has been known to sing a bit as well. Bills contribution to this song made this song what it is today. Thank you, Bill.

This song has been one of the most favorite and most requested song by long time CHP fans. This is my brother David’s favorite song as I wrote it with him in mind many years ago. It was also my brother Ron's favorite song. Ron is in my heart and soul always, and his memory is alive and well in our world of rhyme. This song is for you Ron. I can't wait for you to give me a guided tour of heaven one day.


Looking Glass

Chicken House Purple

Recorded at Wavelength Studio

Produced by Jason Carter