Chicken House Purple

Countdown Part TEN

Introduction by Joe Reeves.

In 1993 my youngest son James was born, and it was literally the turning point in my life. There is something very surreal about looking into the beautiful eyes of your new born infant child. My heart over flowed with love, and every essence of my being was flooded with pride. A feeling of joy, and immortality swept through me, and I needed to write a song.

At this point in my life music was everything to me. In fact, there has never been anything in my life that has happened good, or bad that writing, and singing didn't help make better.

I went to my brother Bobs house, and said “Hey Bob, I need to write a song for my son. He said “My house is your house. You can use the back room, I won't let anyone bother you.”

About 4 hours later Bob came back, and asked me how the song was coming? I was frustrated to no end, and I said “Hell Bob I have nothing man. I want to write my son a lullaby, but I guess I just don't know what one consists of.”

Bob (always a very wise person) said “Why do you care what one consists of? Your music is all your own anyway, and always has been.”

In that moment everything in the world just seemed to stop. Oh my God he is so right I thought, and I took the one thing I loved more than anything (my best friend) MUSIC, and I wrote our very own very personal father- son song.

While for me it was music, I just prayed that someday my son would find that one thing that would help him get through this often dark, and lonely world like I did in music.

He is the one thing that made everything right in that moment, and still today. James, I love you, and you make me proud. I hope you all enjoy my world of rhyme, and this song is one of my all-time favorites. I thank God for giving me music. He knew I was going to need it.


When Joe came over to show me the song he had written. I was prepared to take mental notes in order to critique and provide feedback. When he finished, and before I could speak, he told me that he had wrote the song for his son. In most cases, I would have looked at a song, turned it inside out, and backwards to try and make it just right.

Turns out, it was just right as written.

 James Song the Lullaby was recorded at Musi-Tech Studio in Redmond, OR, and was produced by owner/operator Matt Engle. Matt has never failed to impress us with his talent, knowledge, and professionalism.

 Well, there was that ONE time?