Chicken House Purple


Time flies by. Seconds to Minutes. Minutes to Hours. Hours to Etc. Etc. Etc.

Did you really expect us to just keep repeating the same introduction over, and over again?

Contrary to popular beliefs, we are not Parrots!

The song LINGER LONGER was part of a Three song set recorded at Bayside Sound in Lincoln City, which was owned, and operated by Greg Ernst. We had the pleasure of recording our first Six songs at that fine establishment, and it was an honor to have Greg act as Producer for the last Four recordings we did there.

Sitting in on the sessions were Willie Carter playing Lap Steel, and a gentleman named Fred playing Bass on his Steinberger Bass. That was the first Steinberger we had ever seen. STEINBERGER_BASS.jpg

Sitting in on the sessions as well was AT's A Pizza. Who can resist a good slice of AT's A Pizza? One of the best pizzas we have ever ate was from AT's A Pizza. However, this is suppose to about our song LINGER LONGER, and not about AT'S A Pizza, so we will say no more about....AT's A PIZZA.

Moving along. 

Many years later, we took the 2-inch master tape of the songs to Wavelength Studios in Salem, OR, to see about getting the songs transferred to digital, and to do some update work. After the tape had been "BAKED" due to the cohesiveness of the tape, and the songs transferred, we added some backing vocals, and had the songs remixed at Musi-Tech Studios in Redmond, OR.

The original lyrics, and melody were created by Jim Reeves who took great pride, and satisfaction in his creation. Jim was very pleased with the fact that we were going to record LINGER LONGER. However, after hearing what we had done to his once gleaming accomplishment, Jim was most DISPLEASED!

There are rumors still being told that his voice can be heard echoing through the halls of his home, shouting into the night,

"What the hell have of you done to my song!!!"

Now remember, this is only a rumor, and we are sure that the story has been HIGHLY exaggerated. Anyway, there is no way, and we repeat, NO WAY someone could possibly hold a grudge for 30 odd years against a couple of Parrots!