Chicken House Purple


Time flies by. Seconds to Minutes. Minutes to Hours. Hours to Days. Days to Weeks. Weeks to Months. Months to Years. Years to Decades.

Dang, are we old!!!

Yes, we know. 

We used the exact same intro as last time. Come on folks, it's not like we are known for our ORIGINALITY!

 "I HARDLY KNEW YOU" was the first song that we ever recorded. Most people would think that a lot of time, thought, and effort would have went into the process of making the decision to do so.

This was not the case with us.

I do not remember who said it, but someone said "Lets record a song in a studio!" This was a great idea even though we did not have a song to begin with!!

We saw an ad in the TELL & SELL for a recording studio in Lincoln City called BAYSIDE SOUND which was owned and operated by a gentleman named Greg Ernst. We called and made arrangements with him by phone.The time was set. The place was set. All we needed was a song.

We began to itemize what we had and what we would need. Joe would sing and play drums, so we loaded up his drum set. We loaded my electric Guitar as well as a 12-string acoustic that Joe owned that could come in handy. Lacking a BASS guitar, we called Greg at the studio and inquired if he had a BASS we could use. He did, and we were all set, except of course, for the song.

Eventually, after hacking apart several ho-hum songs to reassemble into One ho-hum lyric sheet, we were kicking back listening to Lynyrd Skynyrds Free Bird while liberally indulging on adult beverages, when suddenly BAM!!! In true LaBlue style, a melody was born.  (Reference to a not so inside joke) :)

On arrival at Bayside Sound we met Greg and he introduced us to HERBIE, his 16-track multitrack recorder that lived in a closet and used 2 inch tape. Now as not to spend to much time on the events of that day, I will only say that

1.We are almost certain that Greg suffered long term trauma from extended exposure to us and our music and
2.Joe still has nightmares of hearing in his headphones the words
We shall now jump forward in time with only SLIGHT EXAGGERATION
After every FM station threatened to bring us up on charges if we didn't stop stalking their DJ's,
begging them to play our song, it finally happened.
After Seven months of begging & pleading, and in one instance holding a mans pet iguana hostage 
(Which is a whole other story) we were finally being played on One local AM radio station.
The entire community rallied around us.
(Well not so much rallied, maybe more like circled us while throwing stones and tomatoes.)
Once we realized we were getting so much attention, we started sending copies of our song to all kinds of places in Nashville,
and other music centers. The responses we got were many and included everything from
“That was terrible. Stop playing music. You suck”
to a direct quote from MOTOWN MUSIC that stated and I quote...
"STOP SENDING US THIS CRAP AND GIVE KEVIN HIS IGUANA BACK!" Yes, we had finally made the big time!!

Attached is the only known copy of the song which is itself a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a damaged copy.
It has a lot of “Hiss” and a blank spot at the 1:35 mark.
While this copy will give you an idea of the song itself, it does not show the excellent sound that Greg delivered for us.