Chicken House Purple


Hobo Joe

by Chicken House Purple

Released 2017
Released 2017
Comments about Chicken House Purple range widely from "Great Singer" to "This coffee has no sugar in it, like I requested."
Years ago, a talented singer met another talented singer/guitarist. These young men spent many years working hard and developing their craft. One day they realized that all their years of dedication and devotion had brought to them adoring fans and financial fortunes. Yes, we too are big fans of Simon and Whats- his- face but, that is their story not ours.

We are Chicken House Purple.

CHP's Front-man is Joe Reeves. Joes' voice was once described as tolerable.

Behind the scenes is Brett (Baby Leg) LaBlue and what he is actually doing behind the scenes has yet to be determined.

Anyway, Joe hopes that you enjoy the songs and we know, if he was sober, Baby Leg would too!